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We are committed to giving your family the love, companionship and joy that only Puppy can bring.

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BASENJI & HAVANESE BREEDERS Bringing a puppy home is a life-changing event and we are here to support you through the process. Please read our feedback page. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of families who trust us in choosing their new best friend and are seeking the joy and happiness of owning a pet.
If you are looking for a pet, feel free to call us. Please contact us at or come meet the dog. It is very important that you are happy and confident that your dog is what you need in your life and that you understand what it means to care for and care for your dog for 10 or 15 years.
Please buy puppies responsibly. We never refuse to adopt a puppy, even if your circumstances change! We feel a lifetime commitment to the dogs we breed.

Havanese puppies for sale
Basenji puppies for sale 

About Us

From Our Home to Yours: Ensuring the Quality and Health of Every Pup We Breed

BASENJI & HAVANESE BREEDERS Our journey in breeding started over two decades ago, and since then we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in breeding different breeds of puppies. Over the years, we have carefully selected our breeding stock from champion bloodlines to ensure that our puppies inherit desirable traits such as temperament, health, and conformation. Our breeding program has been refined over the years, and we have developed a thorough process for selecting breeding pairs, which has produced puppies that are well-balanced, intelligent, and have excellent temperaments. We also provide our customers with a comprehensive puppy care package, which includes a starter kit of food, toys, and other supplies, as well as detailed information about the care and training of their new puppy.